Peru’s President Pedro Castillo Dodges Impeachment After Long Debate

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo avoided an impeachment vote in Congress on Monday after a parliamentary debate that lasted more than eight hours.

Overall, 55 lawmakers out of 130 in the unicameral Congress voted in favor of the impeachment.

However, Congress required 87 votes to impeach the leftist leader, whom the opposition accused of corruption and moral incapacity.

Castillo is a former teacher from a peasant farming family who shot to prominence when he narrowly won the election last year. He has been facing accusations of graft that he firmly denies. 

Castillo also survived an attempt to impeach him late last year, making this his second impeachment effort in the past eight months.

“Unfortunately, a bid to oust me through impeachment has become the central axis of the political and journalistic agenda since my election; this cannot continue,” Castillo said to lawmakers before the voting commenced.

Castillo said he had not broken the law since taking office and called for unity in dealing with the political and economic crisis, citing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as exacerbating problems in Peru, the world’s second-biggest copper-producing country.

“I am aware we all make mistakes and have defects, but I am loyal to my commitments, values, and principles,” Castillo said. 

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