Pentagon to Boost Missile Production for Ukrainian Aid

US Defense officials said the government plans to accelerate production of Stinger anti-aircraft and Javelin anti-tank missiles to refill its depleted stocks as it continues to send the vital systems to Ukrainian forces fighting the Russian invasion.

According to Jessica Maxwell, a Pentagon spokeswoman, the government is considering several options to increase production capacity and decrease production timelines in consultation with prime contractor Raytheon.

Maxwell said the options included – adding workers to the production lines, manufacturing new components to replace obsolete parts, and purchasing additional tooling or test equipment for the production line.

Currently, a $320 million foreign sales production contract was awarded to Raytheon.

Earlier this month, less than two weeks into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US and other NATO members had sent about 17,000 anti-tank missiles and 2,000 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. 

On March 16, the White House announced an $800 million assistance package that included 800 additional Stinger anti-aircraft systems and 2,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles systems.

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