Japan Approves Banning Luxury Car Exports to Russia

Japan approved a partial ban on exports of luxury cars and other items to Russia as part of its latest response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Tuesday.

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida committed to placing more sanctions against Russia at a Group of Seven summit last week before implementing the partial ban on Russia-bound auto items. 

The new items on the Russian export control list span 19 categories, from cars worth more than 6 million yen ($48,630) to jewelry, watches, cosmetics, liquor, and art priced at more than 40,000 yen.

Russia-bound exports of boat engines worth more than 1.3 million yen, motorcycles worth over 600,000 yen, and grand pianos priced at more than 200,000 yen, will also be banned.

The revised ordinance on Russian exports will take effect from April 5.

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