Heineken and Carlsberg Pull Out of Russia

European brewers Heineken and Carlsberg announced that they will abandon the Russian market following evaluations of their operations prompted by the invasion of Ukraine.

Carlsberg, which employs 8,400 people in Russia, said it was looking for a “full disposal” of the company, but that it would continue to operate at a lower level “to ensure the livelihoods of these individuals and their families” until the sale was completed.

“The war in Ukraine, and the rising humanitarian and refugee situation, disturbs us all,” Carlsberg CEO Cees ‘t Hart said in a statement, “We continue to strongly condemn the Russian invasion, which has resulted in so much loss of life, devastation, and human sorrow.”

Heineken also stopped making fresh investments and exports to Russia, as well as selling, producing, and advertising its Heineken brand beer in the nation.

Heineken announced in February that its Russian beer volumes increased by a few percentage points in 2021, owing to increased demand for premium brands such as Heineken, Miller, and Dr Diesel.

Since the Russian invasion on February 24, dozens of enterprises from all areas of the economy have abandoned or halted operations in Russia.

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