Far-right French Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour Criticized Over ‘Killer Macron’ Chant at Rally

French President Emmanuel Macron criticized presidential candidate Eric Zemmour after some of his supporters chanted ‘Killer Macron’ at a rally on Sunday.

However, Zemmour insisted that he did not hear the crowd.

Macron said that Zemmour’s behavior in letting the crowd continue chanting was either ‘undignified’ or that he must have hearing problems.

Macron responded with humor and called on Zemmour to ‘profit’ from his health reforms, which meant that the health system now reimburses hearing aids.

“I invited the hard-of-hearing candidate to equip himself [with one] for nothing,” Macron said.

Valérie Pécresse, a candidate for the center-right Les Républicains, was also among those who criticized Zemmour for letting the crowd continue chanting.

“I will fight the outgoing president with all my strength, but to let an opponent be called a murderer is dangerous for the republic. This is certainly not the right! This is not my France,” Pécresse said in a tweet.

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