US Envoy Says Iran Nuclear Deal Not Imminent as Washington Won’t Left Sanctions on IRGC

US Special Envoy for Iran Rob Malley has warned that revival of a deal with Iran on 2015 nuclear accord is neither “imminent nor inevitable” as Washington might not accept Iran’s request to take Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) off a US terrorist list.

“A few months ago we thought it was imminent, but now I can’t be confident it’s imminent,” Malley told reporters at a conference in Qatar, referring to any possible deal with Iran.

“It’s one of the requests Iran has made. We haven’t decided to delist the IRGC. The sooner we get back into the deal, we think it’s in our interest to be back in a deal and we think Iran’s too, the more faithfully we can implement it,” Malley added.

With mediation from the EU, Iran has been engaged in negotiations with representatives from UK, China, France, Germany and Russia directly and the US indirectly since April 2021 in Vienna in order to salvage the 2015 Iran’s nuclear deal which former US President Donald Trump abandon it in 2018, and reimposed sanctions, promoting Iran to accelerate its nuclear program.

EU and Iranian officials for weeks have been saying that they are close to a deal, but Tehran said that the US needs to make difficult decisions, including de-listing the Revolutionary Guards.

But Malley said that the IRGC “will remain sanctioned under US law and our perception of the IRGC will remain.”

The United States designated the Guards as a “foreign terrorist organization” under then president Donald Trump in April 2019.

The Iranian authorities have not commented on the development so far.

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