Russians Reportedly Damage Neutron Source Nuclear Installation in Kharkiv

The Neutron Source subcritical nuclear facility in Kharkiv received damage as Russian troops continue to attack Ukraine.

Another shelling of the Russian troops significantly damaged the thermal insulation lining of the building and caused a partial shedding of lining materials in the experimental hall of the insulation, the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine reported.

“The probability of new damage to the research nuclear installation remains quite high due to the constant shelling of the area of the NSI “Neutron Source” location,” said the inspectorate.

The inspectorate also reported that personnel continue to inspect the facilities to identify damages.

“The personnel continue implementing measures to eliminate the consequences of the hostilities and maintain the operability of the nuclear installation equipment in the conditions of constant shelling and bombing of the site to the extent possible,” the inspectorate said.

The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine reported that the nuclear installation has been transferred into a deep subcritical state or a long-term shutdown mode since February 24. The on-site radiation situation maintains to be within the standard limits, and there is no off-site power supply to the Neutron Source.

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