New Zealand to Send Defense Force Staff to Europe to Help on Ukraine Intelligence Amid Russian Invasion

New Zealand will deploy nine defense force staff to the United Kingdom and Belgium to help gather intelligence on the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced at a press conference on March 28 the “immediate deployment” of seven intelligence analysts to the UK to assist with the heightened demand for intelligence work on the war while some will join existing teams focused on other parts of the world.

Ardern added that two other officers will head to the UK and Belgium — one of whom will work with the existing defense attache and New Zealand military representative to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization while the other will work within the UK’s permanent joint headquarters.

The New Zealand Defense Force “open source intelligence capabilities” would also be made available for three months to allow European partners take advantage of the time difference in New Zealand, Ardern also announced.

Last week, the New Zealand government announced NZ$5 million ($3.47 million) in aid for Ukraine.

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