Hong Kong Eases Flight Suspension Penalties Caused by COVID-19 Cases

Officials in Hong Kong said the government would cut the penalty on banning entry on non-compliant routes from 14 to seven days.

According to the officials, non-compliant routes are flights that carry three or more passengers who tested positive for COVID-19 by arrival test, or one or more passengers that tested positive for COVID-19 by arrival test and one or more non-compliant cases.

The government also announced that starting April, all Hong Kongers who have stayed overseas could board flights for Hong Kong with boarding quarantine and testing arrangements.

However, non-Hongkong residents would not be allowed to board flights for Hongkong from overseas, following the revised penalty after the government lifted the flight ban on Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, Philippines, UK, USA, and Nepal starting next month as the suspension caused anxiety to Hong Kongers stranded overseas.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong flagship carrier Cathay Pacific Airways would increase flights following the government’s decision to ease suspension rules for aircraft found with Covid-19 cases.

Starting Friday, the city’s flight suspension mechanism would be eased, coinciding with the first day of a reduced quarantine period for inbound travelers and the lifting of a flight ban on nine countries.

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