Finland Suspends Russia-EU-Train line

Finnish train operator VR announced that it has temporarily stopped operations of its Allegro service today, March 28 from Helsinki to Russia. 

Topi Simola, SVP for Passenger Services at VR Group, said in a statement that the suspension of its operations came after the European Union (EU) imposed sanctions against Russia. 

Simola explained that the Allegro train services provided safe passage to Finnish citizens. 

“Thus far we have been continuing the Allegro train services, according to the instructions by the relevant authorities and hence making sure that we can provide a safe passage to the Finnish citizens. During these weeks, the people, who have wanted to depart from Russia, have had adequate time to leave. Now, due to the sanctions, we will discontinue the service for now”, Simola said. 

In an announcement posted on the train operator’s website last Friday (March 25), trips on Sunday afternoon were canceled. 

VR assured customers that they will get a refund for the price of the Allegro tickets purchased for the canceled departures.

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