Lithuanian MPs Call on Banning Russian Military Z Symbol

Lithuanian Members of the Parliament drafted amendments to the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Law on Assemblies to ban the Russian military “Z” symbol.

Lithuanian MPs Monika Ošmianskienė and Linas Jonauskas proposed amendments to the said code to outlaw the Russian “Z” symbol amid Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Ošmianskienė  said on a Facebook post that Russia illegally invaded Ukraine and have conducted military actions that show signs of war crimes and genocide.

Jonauskas said that the Russian symbol is being used for intimidation and bullying.

The Code of Administrative Offenses and the Law on Assemblies seeks to protect the social order, property, social, economic, political, and individual citizens’ rights and freedoms, and to prevent offenses against the Lithuanian society.

The proposed amendment qualifies the use of the “Z” symbol as a breach of public order or damage to property, said Jonauskas. Offenses against the administrative law shall be subject to fines, Jonauskas added.

Current Lithuanian legislation prohibits displaying flags, coats of arms, or symbols representing Nazi Germany, the USSR, or the Lithuanian SSR.

The MPs also proposed an increase in fine from the current €300 to €500.

Ošmianskienė  said that the proposed amendment has been sent to the other members of the parliament for signature.

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