European Council President Re-Elected

The Council of the European Union announced that   was re-elected as president of the European Council for a second two-and-a-half-year term, from June 1, 2022, to November 30, 2024.

Michel was also re-elected for a second term as President of the Euro Summit.

Following the formation of the post in December 2009 under the Treaty of Lisbon, Michel became the third full-time President of the European Council, before that, he was the Prime Minister of Belgium.

Michel’s principal responsibility as President of the European Council is to convene summits of the EU’s national leaders and to coordinate the body’s operations.

The reelection came just before US President Joe Biden joined the EU leaders in Brussels for their meeting, which came after a NATO conference in the Belgian capital.

“I came to express my congratulations to the man who was recently re-elected without opposition,” Biden remarked upon his arrival in the EU meeting.

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