Biden Visits Poland as the Country Grapples With the Inflow of Ukrainian Refugees

US President Joe Biden headed to southeastern Poland, where he intends to meet with US troops and aid workers helping Ukrainian refugees.

Biden will travel to Rzeszow to express gratitude for the tens of thousands of American troops who began arriving at a military site there last month.

The Polish base is fewer than 100 miles from where Russian missiles struck a Ukrainian military installation earlier this month.

Poland has welcomed over 2 million Ukrainians, giving them jobs, health care, and education for their children, the tremendous influx in just a month has begun to strain places such as Warsaw, where the population is estimated to have increased by 300,000.

“Poland is among the top countries that feel the most at risk over this ongoing invasion. You had bombs going off not far from their border,” said Barry Pavel, a defense policy consultant in President George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s administrations.

Biden’s visit to Poland follows a series of meetings with world leaders in Belgium, wherein he attempted to rouse other countries to do more to help Ukraine and punish Russia.

“I’ve been to refugee camps, I’ve been in war zones for the last 15 years, and it’s devastating,” said Biden.

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