Azores Islands Prepares to Evacuate as Tremors Grow

The regional government of the Azores Islands announced the possible evacuation of thousands of residents after a series of tremors have rocked the island of Sao Jorge in the past six days. 

President Jose Manuel Bolieiro said he continued to monitor the situation as he updated the members of the media during his visit.

Bolieiro added that airlines increased the number of flights into and out of the Sao Jorge island. 

In a post on Bolieiro’s Facebook page, the regional president of the Azores Islands said their Regional Emergency Plan has been activated as they work with authorities in Sao Jorge. 

“Newsletters continue to be made available on the Government Portal and on the website of PROCIV Azores, so they should follow the recommendations issued there. Good to commit to prudence,” Bolieiro said in a statement

The Azores Seismovolcanic Information and Surveillance Center (CIVISA), who was quoted in a report by a local newspaper The Portugal News, raised the volcanic alert level of the island of Sao Jorge to V4 (our of a total of five), which means the “real possibility of an eruption” since Thursday. 

Portugal Prime Minister Antonio Costa, in a tweet, said he has made available “all the means of the Republic that are necessary” on top of the military’s support. 

There have been more than 2,000 earthquakes recorded since Saturday on the island of Sao Jorge. 

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