US President Joe Biden Announces $1 Billion Aid for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden has announced that the US would provide $1 billion in fresh security aid to Ukraine, as the country’s war with Russia entered its 29th day.

On the one-month anniversary of Russia’s “unprovoked and illegal invasion” of Ukraine, Biden spoke to NATO leaders in Brussels and underlined his “strong support” for the Ukrainian people.

The US funding will contribute to helping poor Ukrainians obtain food, medical care, and psychiatric treatment. 

The European Democratic Resilience Initiative, which would provide at least $320 million to Ukraine to “promote social resilience and safeguard human rights,” will also be launched by the US.

Biden also released information of four new battle units in Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary, which he said was a “powerful signal” that NATO would “collectively defend and secure every inch of NATO territory.”

Biden expressed his sentiments, “I welcome the steps by many other allies to provide defensive support to Ukraine, and together, we are committed to identifying additional equipment, including air defense systems, to help Ukraine.”

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