Turkey Vows to Speed Up Efforts to Achieve Ceasefire in Ukraine

The government of Turkey on Thursday vowed to continue “mediation and facilitation” between Ukraine and Russia in order to immediately achieve a ceasefire as part of its responsibility for the sake of peace in the region.

Turkey’s National Security Council (MGK) said that President Tayyip Erdogan held a nearly four hour meeting in Ankara and emphasized that Turkey “will continue to fulfill its responsibilities for regional peace.”

During the MGK meeting, Erdogan said that efforts must be speed up to halt attacks and achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible. 

“Efforts to solve problems between the two countries (Russia and Ukraine) must be ramped up in a way where Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must not be undermined,” MGK said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Turkey hosted foreign ministers of Ukrainian and Russian for the first high-level talks, but it failed to achieve a ceasefire or help reduce the level of war.

Turkey shares a maritime border with both Ukraine and Russia and also has good ties with them. Ankara had also criticized Moscow for war, but avoided slapping sanctions on Russia instead launched efforts to mediate between the warring countries.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February in Europe’s biggest offensive with Russian President Vladimir Putin insisting on what he described as “special military operation” despite the world powers repeatedly called for an end to the invasion.

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