Seattle Pride Cuts Ties with Amazon for Allegedly Donating to Anti-LGBTQIA+ Politicians

Seattle Pride has cut ties with Amazon, citing alleged corporate donations to anti-LGBTQIA+ politicians and participation of dozens of anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations in the AmazonSmile program.

“Seattle Pride has decided to not partner with Amazon for the 2022 Seattle Pride Parade because of their financial donations to politicians who actively propose and support anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation, oppose pro-LGBTQIA+ and other human rights legislation, and for allowing anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations to raise funds from their AmazonSmile program,” the nonprofit organization announced on March 22.

Seattle Pride cited a report that Amazon in 2020 donated over $450,000 to lawmakers who voted against the Equality Act, a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, education, and other areas.

Seattle Pride also cited data from the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission that Amazon donated a total of $11,000 to sponsors of 2022 anti-LGBTQIA+ bills and anti-critical race theory bills.

The group further alleged that Amazon enabled over 40 anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations to raise funds through its AmazonSmile program.

Anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations that Seattle Pride noted are The Family Council, which is against same-sex marriage, and Concerned Women for America, which opposes transwomen from participating in female sports and opposes gender-affirming care to children.

Seattle Pride has asked Amazon to request to return the donations it made to anti-LGBTQIA+ politicians and to “actively remove and deny requests” by anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations for the AmazonSmile program.

An Amazon spokesperson said that the company works with lawmakers on a wide range of issues that affect their business but “that does not mean we agree with any individual or political organization 100 percent of the time on every issue.”

“This includes legislation that discriminates or encourages discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community,” the spokesperson further said.

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