Russian Stock Market Reopens

The Russian stock market has partially reopened and allowed the trading of 33 securities.

The Bank of Russia announced that it would reopen the stock market on March 24, 2020, at various times with certain considerations. 

OFZ trading would be allowed in the main trading mode and in the negotiation deals mode along with futures contracts trading for the OFZ basket and the RGBI index.

Moscow Exchange Index (IMOEX) trading will be but with a ban on short sales while trading other shares outside the Moscow Exchange index, corporate bonds, Eurobonds, sovereign Eurobonds of the Russian Federation, regional and municipal bonds, as well as other futures contracts will be made using negotiated transactions.

As a result of the reopening, the Moscow Exchange Index rose by 4.4% at the end of the session while the RTS index dropped by 9%. 

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