Romanian Police Found 38 Migrants Hidden in Semi-Trailer Truck

Arad Border Police of Romania found 38 migrants hidden in semi-trailer truck and a minibus at the western border of Romania attempting to leave the country from Nadlac II Border Crossing Point.

The migrants from Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka and Iraq were discovered during searches by the border police, Agerpress reported, adding that the minibuses, registered in Romania, were driven by two men aged 33 and 42, respectively, and during the border checks, migrants were found hiding in specially arranged spaces between the cargo compartments.

“16 citizens from Sri Lanka, aged between 22 and 51, were found inside the two compartments,” it said.

The two drivers, who are Romanian nationals, were also arrested in connection with trafficking migrants. 

On Thursday morning, another 22 migrants were found hidden in a semi-trailer truck driven by a 38-year-old Romanian in an attempt to cross them to the Western Europe using the Nadlac II border.

The migrants were skillfully located in front of the semi-trailer, in a special place with a double wall, the outlet added.

15 people from Turkey, six from Syria and one from Iraq, aged between 18 and 35 were found inside the semi-trailer, according to the outlet.

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