Japan Reports Another Alleged North Korean Ballistic Missile Launch

Militaries in South Korea and Japan said North Korea conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test on Thursday, a move expected to raise tensions in the region.

Japanese Coast Guard said the missile landed about 170 km west of Cape Tappi, Aomori Prefecture, which is within Japan’s exclusive economic zone and extends 200 nautical miles from its coast.

U.S. officials said Thursday’s test could be what the previous tests were leading to, the launch of a Hwasong-17, which experts dubbed as a “monster missile,” the world’s largest road-mobile missile. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last ordered a test of an ICBM in November 2017, which was condemned globally but demonstrated that the entire continental U.S. was within striking distance of North Korean missiles.

In February 2016, North Korea launched a satellite into orbit, with outside experts describing the rocket launches as thinly veiled attempts to master longer-range missile technology.

Rockets used to put satellites into orbit employ much of the same technology as those used in ballistic missiles, including long-range weapons like ICBMs — technology Pyongyang is banned from using under United Nations Security Council resolutions.

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