Bahrain Intensifies Efforts against Financial Crime, Money Laundering

Authorities in Bahrain said that they have made “significant progress” in combating money laundering and terror financing crime, and pledged to take robust actions against financial criminals that pose threat to the security and economic stability.

Bahrain’s Public Prosecutor Dr. Ali bin Fadhl Al Bouainain said that they were working on capabilities of law enforcement authorities to sufficiently deal with the challenges.

Al Bouaninain in his speech in a conference highlighting judicial cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in Manama, highlighted Bahrain’s achievements, but said more efforts needed to fight these illegal financial networks. 

Al Bouainain thanked Bahrain’s legislative, and the security forces for their efforts in combating money laundering, asking the officials to “never slow” their efforts against the menace which is posing threat to the country’s security and economic stability.

According to Al Bouainain, Bahrain has been fighting money laundering in accordance with its principles to curb illegal financial flows and prevent the use of organized crime in proceeds.

“We have taken important steps in the past years to develop a legal framework to implement procedures and measures for countering money laundering and financing of terrorism,” Al Bouainain added.

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