UN Urges Governments to Repatriate Thousands of Foreign Children Stranded in Syria

Rights group ‘Save the Children’ on Wednesday called on the governments to accelerate the repatriation process of foreign children stranded in North-East Syria camps before it’s too late, and said their condition is dire and unsafe.  

“It will take 30 years before foreign children stuck in unsafe camps in Syria can return home if repatriations continue at the current rate,” Save the Children warned in a statement.

The child rights group also said that 18,000 Iraqi children are in the camps, which they need to be saved and voluntarily repatriated. “Aside from the Iraqi children, there are now over 7,300 minors from 60 countries across the world living in the camps, it added.

Thousands of women and children took shelter at Al Hol and Roj camps in North-East Syria after intensification of war.

“In 2021, 74 children died in Al Hol, including eight children who were murdered. Last month, a shooting incident in the Annex section of the camp, where (third country nationals), or non-Iraqi foreign children stayed, killed a child and put three children and three women in hospital,” according to the statement.

Just weeks ago, a woman died in a fire in Al Hol Annex and her child died of burns afterwards, according to Save the Children staff working in the camp.

Save the Children has called on the related-governments to urgently step-up efforts to repatriate them, along with their families.

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