Syrian Migrant Sues EU Border Agency Frontex over Alleged Removal from Greece

A Syrian asylum-seeker Alaa Hamoudi said he is suing the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, Frontex for alleged complicity after he was deported to Turkey by Greek authorities and also abandoning him at sea.

The Front-Lex legal association, which is representing the plaintiff Hamoudi, said that after Hamoudi arrived on the Greek island of Samos with about 20 other asylum seekers, they were loaded by Greek authorities onto a crowded inflatable dinghy and abandoned at sea for 17 hours.

The lawsuit was lodged on March 10, according to the European Court of Justice’s website. Hamoudi is seeking $550,000 from Frontex over action he says the Greek coast guard took on April 28-29, 2020.

Through an official statement, Hamoudi said that a border guard hit and then forced him to go into a raft, which would return them back.

“I refused to go into the raft. He grabbed me and started hitting me on my back, then threw me. I was holding onto something metallic and did not want to get off. After he had forced all of us onto the raft to frighten us, he brought a stick with a pointy thing on it,” Hamoudi added.

Meanwhile, the Organization for World Peace (OWP) has said that EU countries have double standards when it comes to immigration.

All EU countries, especially Ukraine’s neighboring countries, have opened the doors for those fleeing the war in Ukraine, but this is not the case for other refugees, OWP said in a statement.

“Although Europe, especially the eastern European countries who have accepted the bulk of Ukrainian refugees, should be applauded for their rapid response to this horrific humanitarian crisis, the bigotry revealed by its reception to the Ukrainians cannot be overlooked. The wave of Ukrainian refugees has revealed the double standard behind Europe’s anti-immigration stance and further highlighted the discrimination non-European refugees have faced in the past decade,” OWP’s statement reads.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey is preparing a report examining the human rights violations of Greece in the Aegean Sea.

The number of irregular migrants turned back in the Aegean in the last three months has rreportedly eached 3,185.

Frontex, the EU’s biggest agency with a budget of 750 million euros this year, has been helping the Greek coast guard monitor the Greek side of the maritime border with Turkey.

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