Poland Expels Russian Diplomats for Alleged Espionage

Poland announced that 45 Russian diplomats have been expelled for alleged espionage and were given five days to leave the country.

Press spokesman of the minister coordinator of special services Stanisław Żaryn said that the Polish Internal Security Agency has prepared a list of 45 people working in Poland under diplomatic cover but were allegedly engaged in espionage.

“The reason for this decision was that the employees of the Russian mission carried out activities inconsistent with Polish law and violating the standards of the Vienna Convention, i.e. activities inconsistent with the status of diplomats,” explained Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Łukasz Jasina.

The Russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergei Andreev, confirmed the expulsion of 45 diplomats that was said to be because of “activities that do not comply with the Vienna Convention.”  

Andreev denied the allegations and said it was baseless and would take a retaliatory step “on the principle of reciprocity” and expel Polish diplomats from Moscow. 

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