One Dead, at Least 19 Injured After Tornado Outbreak in Texas and Oklahoma

An outbreak of tornadoes on March 21 night in Texas and Oklahoma killed one person and injured at least 19 others.

Twenty tornadoes reportedly left a path of destruction on the southern states, damaging homes and business, shutting down highways and airports, and leaving thousands without power.

The Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that one person was killed in Grayson County, Texas. At least 10 others were hospitalized.

In Jacksboro, within Jack County, nine people were hospitalized.

According to Jack County Rural Fire Chief Jason Jennings, 60 to 80 homes were damaged in Jacksboro.

Jacksboro High School and an elementary school also received heavy damage from the weather.

Around 350 flights at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport were reportedly cancelled.

In Round Rock, heavy damage occurred from funnel clouds seen on the south side of the city.

Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks said there was “extreme structural damage” to multiple homes and businesses, but no known deaths or injuries.

A tornado also ripped through a strip mall in Round Rock.

Round Rock police urged residents to stay off the roads at one point.

In Kingston, Oklahoma, multiple structures also sustained significant damage.

On March 22 morning, the National Weather Service placed most parts of North and Central Texas under a tornado watch.

The tornado risk would continue until at least March 23, authorities warned.

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