New Zealand Government Lifts COVID-19 Restrictions

The New Zealand government will lift most of its COVID-19 restrictions as the country foresees a decline in cases by April.

Starting April 4, the government will ease COVID-19 restrictions including vaccine passes and vaccine mandates, said New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern 

Ardern announced Wednesday that the government has simplified the country’s COVID-19 Protection Framework as a response to the decreasing cases of COVID-19. Ardern added that the revised system aims “to target restrictions at those activities that reduce transmission the most.”

According to Ardern, the government will remove vaccine mandates except for health and disability, aged care, corrections and border work forces.

The government will also lift the requirement for vaccine passes to enter venues.

This week, outdoor gathering limits will be lifted while lifting the indoor gathering limit may be considered, said Ardern.

In February, hundreds of Kiwis protested against the vaccine mandates as the government maintained strict COVID-19 restrictions over the last two years. Public polls also showed the people’s dissatisfactions on Ardern’s governance over the rise of the pandemic.

Arden said that the country has reached a high level of collective immunity as 95 percent of the population have already been fully vaccinated.

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