Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Reaches Surprise Deal to Stay in Power Until 2025

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reached an agreement with the left-leaning New Democratic Party that will keep his Liberal minority government in power until 2025.

Trudeau announced on March 22 that the deal called “Delivering for Canadians Now: A Supply and Confidence Agreement” begins today and will continue through the end of Canada’s current parliament in June 2025.

Under the deal, the NDP will support the Liberals in confidence votes and budgetary matters while the Liberals will support the NDP on several of the party’s key priorities in parliament.

Among the priorities the parties agreed upon include a better healthcare system, tackling the climate crisis, a better deal for workers, reconciliation, and a fairer tax system.

“I’ve thought long and hard about this. It was not easy decision. With so much instability around us, Canadians need stability,” Trudeau said at a press conference.

The agreement came after the Liberals failed to win a majority in the last two elections.

Canada’s Conservative Party strongly criticized the deal, accusing Trudeau of a power grab.

“They’ve cooked up a backroom deal that would see Justin Trudeau get the majority power that he tried desperately to get last fall, in the last election, but he failed to get,” Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen told reporters.

Canada’s next fixed election is on Oct. 25, 2025.

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