US to Sanction Sudan Police for Protest Crackdown

The United States has imposed sanctions on Sudan’s Central Reserve Police for using excessive force against peaceful protesters demonstrating against last October’s military coup.

On Monday, the US Department of the Treasury issued a statement accusing the Central Reserve Police of responsibility for the “violent response” of Sudanese security forces in Khartoum to peaceful protests.

“Since the October 25 military takeover, Sudan’s Central Reserve Police has used excessive force and violence intended to silence civilian activists and protesters,” the Treasury’s under-secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, Brian Nelson, said. 

“We condemn Sudan’s security services for killing, harassing, and intimidating Sudanese citizens,” Nelson added.

The October coup derailed a fragile power-sharing agreement between the army and civilians, which was negotiated after the 2019 overthrow of longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also called for an immediate end to violence against peaceful protesters.

“We remain poised to use all tools at our disposal to support the Sudanese people in their pursuit of a democratic, human rights-respecting, and prosperous Sudan,” Blinken said.

Monday’s so-called “Global Magnitsky sanctions”, which target those accused of corruption, human rights abuses, and anti-democratic actions worldwide, freeze US assets of the Central Reserve Police and bar Americans from dealing with them.

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