Russian Oligarch Asset Tracker Launched

The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) announced that it has launched the Russian Oligarch asset tracker tool.

According to the OCCRP, the asset tracker is the most comprehensive public database of oligarch assets to date and was made in collaboration with 27 news outlets. 

“In the wake of Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine, governments around the world have imposed sanctions on many of Putin’s enablers. But they have learned to keep their wealth obscured, hiring an army of lawyers to hide it in secretive bank accounts and corporate structures that reach far offshore. Figuring out who owns what, and how much of it, is a tall order even for experienced police investigators,” said the OCCRP. 

Among those to be tracked by the OCCRP are land, mansions, companies, boats, planes, and anything else of value that could be tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s circle of oligarchs,

So far, the tracker has uncovered over $17.5 billion in assets and urged people to provide further information.

The Guardian, one of the project’s contributors said that the project was conceived as early as February, even before the international sanctions against the oligarchs were applied. 

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