NY Courts To Terminate Unvaccinated Workers In April

New York state court to fire 156 unvaccinated workers by April.

According to letters obtained by Law360, the New York Office of Court Administration has ordered its employees to follow the vaccination mandate or lose their jobs. 

“Should you fail to comply with the Vaccination Mandate by close of business on April 4, 2022 your employment with the court system will be terminated.”

State courts spokesperson Lucian Chalfen confirmed the order and said that the employees were given enough time to get vaccinated or present a valid exemption. 

“Currently they are barred from entering any court facility, and their absence is being charged to any accruals that they may have,” said Chalfen. 

Chalfen added that even four state judges who have not complied with the vaccine mandate will be punished as well. 

The New York court had just reopened last week after ceasing on-site operations for a year. 

According to the state Office of Court Administration. the number of pending cases on the city’s dockets stood at 522,538 on Jan. 30 while there are  42,798 open cases.

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