Japan Warns of Possible Power Disruption

Japan has asked businesses and residents of Tokyo and Tohoku to conserve electricity and brace for outages after powerplants were damaged by earthquakes last week.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) warned that a blackout could hit the greater Tokyo metropolitan area on March 22  because they have failed to save power. 

Tepco said up to 3 million households could lose power after 8 p.m. if there is not enough stored and that 103 percent of the electricity supply was already consumed used as of 11 a.m.

Japanese Economy Minister Koichi Hagiuda stressed the importance of saving enough energy or else there would be widespread power outages. 

Currently, Japan is experiencing a cold snap which could lead to higher power consumption and loss of function in solar power plants.

Hagiuda warned, advised commercial facilities to turn off neon signs  or switch to generators, and urged manufacturing factories to also conserve power too if possible.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said that citizens could expect more requests to conserve power while the power grid is damaged and as temperatures continue to change. 

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