China Flights Mass Cancelled after Guanxi Crash

The Chinese civil aviation data service provider VariFlight said that about 74% of the 11,800 flights scheduled in China on Tuesday had been canceled, including flights between Beijing and Shanghai, typically one of the world’s busiest domestic routes, following the plane crash in Guangxi on Monday.

According to reports, most of the scheduled flights on Tuesday had been canceled, with only five out of 35 flights from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing, and five of the 34 flights from Beijing to Shanghai’s domestic hub, continued operation.

Records from the Chinese aviation data company have shown that Tuesday’s cancelation was the highest cancelation rate this year thus far, which is twice higher than the rate at the start of the month.

The cancelations came after a Boeing 737-800 NG operated by China Eastern Airlines nosedived out of the sky and crashed in Guangxi autonomous region on Monday afternoon, the first fatal air crash in China since 2010.

Local reports said there were 132 people on board.

Authorities were still trying to find survivors.

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