Tokyo Public Schools Abolish Controversial Dress Codes

After decades of old-fashioned strict dress codes in Tokyo schools, 200 public schools will finally ease on their restrictive dress codes starting April 1st.

The 200 schools will abolish five guidelines, including prohibitions on hair and underwear color, as well as a ban on “two-block” hairstyles, which are long on top and short on the back and sides — a popular trend in many nations.

The penalizing of pupils with a type of house arrest, as well as the confusing language used on the guideline on what is considered “typical of high school students,” are also part of the changes to be made.

The decision came to fruition due to a poll conducted by the Tokyo board of education last year wherein schools, students, and parents were asked about their opinions on the rules.

Strides in changing the norm are not happening just in the capital city of Tokyo, but in other prefectures as well.

According to Asahi, a school in Ube, Yamaguchi prefecture, will be the first in the city to establish a “genderless” uniform, with students of all genders given the option of slacks or skirts, marking a significant departure from Japan’s still-dominantly gendered clothing regulations.

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