Spanish Rural Alliance Holds Mass Rallies to Protest Against Rising Prices

Countryside workers who are part of the Spanish Rural Alliance flocked to the streets to protest the lack of action from the Spanish government to address the issue of skyrocketing market prices brought about by Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The rising market prices of essential commodities such as food and fuel brought about 150,00 members of the Spanish Rural Alliance including farmers, ranchers, and hunters to the streets of Madrid, blaring their tractor horns, raising Spanish flags, and blowing whistles. 

The protesters who were part of the 10 million citizens represented by the Alliance drew up banners that read “We are ranchers on the way to extinction” as well as “S.O.S Rural world”

The complaint about fuel and fertilizer prices soaring in the midst of low profits for countryside workers were prolific among the demonstrators. 

Pedro Barato, head of an agricultural association Asaja told journalists “Today is the day to start looking for solutions.” He added that “Enough is enough, let the head of the government stop traveling and start acting.”

A similar protest occurred last Monday when Spanish lorry drivers went on a strike for the same reason of fuel prices soaring, resulting in roadblocks that led to supply chain problems.

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