North Korea Mobilizes at Least 6000 Troops for Possible Military Parade

North Korea had reportedly mobilized more than 6,000 troops in preparation for a possible military parade at an airport in Pyongyang.

“There has been a media report of about 6,000 troops having gathered, and our assessment at this point is that the number has risen more than that,” a South Korean military official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

Last week, international radio broadcaster Voice of America reported that about 20 groups, each consisting of up to 300 troops, were spotted preparing for an apparent military parade at the Mirim airport, as shown on the satellite imagery from Planet Labs.

However, the military official said there weren’t any “notable” changes in the North’s preparations for the possible parade that Seoul and Washington have been watching over the past weeks.

According to reports, the military parade to celebrate the 110th birth anniversary of Kim Jong-un’s late grandfather and national founder Kim Il-sung on April 15 could be an occasion for North Korea to show off its key weapons systems.

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