New South Korean President to Leave Blue House and Settle in Defense HQ

South Korea’s incoming president has planned to take his office at the Defense Ministry compound and to move the presidential office out of the Blue House.

South Korean president-elect Yoon Suk Yeol announced earlier in his campaigns that one of his plans as president is to relocate the presidential office to bring it closer to the public.

“We want to come out of the Blue House, which has been a symbol of absolute power in Korean history. We want to give that power back to the people so the president will go into the public, and the Blue House will be returned to the people before the spring flowers fall,” said Spokesperson for President-elect Kim Eun Hye.

Yoon said that the Defense Ministry headquarters in Yongsan makes the transition convenient because it is already equipped with national security and defense facilities.

Critics questioned the president’s decision saying that it may undermine national security and may require excessive costs.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance estimated a cost of ₩49.6 billion or $40.1 million for the relocation of the presidential office.

“I earnestly ask the people to understand that this is not simply a relocation of the place but my determination to serve the people, work properly and keep my promise with the people,” said Yoon.

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