African Cocoa Trader Kills Kidnappers and Escapes

A cocoa merchant claimed that he has escaped from his two kidnappers after killing them while they were sleeping in Supare Akoko in Akoko South West Local Government Area of Ondo state, Nigeria.

Cocoa merchant Idowu Shaba was reportedly abducted alongside a woman while he was on his way to church in Idoani, in the Ose local government area of the state.

Shaba’s kidnappers later bound him and took him to a nearby forest before sending an N10 million ransom to his family.

According to Shaba, he and the other captive managed to trick their captors into falling asleep after convincing them that they were sleeping.

Shaba reportedly managed to kill two of his captors before taking their weapons and escaping.

“Shaba seized the opportunity to carry their weapons and used their sharp cutlasses to kill two of them and wounded another who ran away. He took the abductors Ak-47 rifle, cutlasses, and other dangerous weapons in their possession and also rescued the other lady in their den,” said an unnamed source.

Ondo Police spokesman, DSP Fumilayo Odunlami however claimed that Shaba did not kill his captors.

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