Russian Journalists Claim They Were Shelled in Mariupol, Ukraine

Russian journalists have claimed they were shelled alongside their Chinese colleagues while covering the fighting in Mariupol.

Correspondents from TASS, RT, Izvestia, stringers and a Chinese journalist were reportedly shelled while covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict in Mariupol’s Central District.

“We were walking down the street, an explosion was heard from behind. Colleagues saw explosions in front and on the right, about six or eight arrivals. The nearest arrival of the projectile was about 50 m from us. The whole street was covered in dust. at home. We waited out the shelling and continued to work,” said a TASS correspondent.

None of the journalists were killed, however a Chinese television reporter from Phoenix Television injured his hand.

Neither Ukraine or Russia has claimed responsibility for the attack, however the Russian navy reportedly conducted naval bombardments in the area on the same day.

“The city of Mariupol has just been shelled by four Russian Navy ships. The enemy continues to cynically destroy the Ukrainian city, using all available arsenals. After aircraft, artillery, various systems and tanks, the Russian occupiers are destroying the city with heavy weapons of warships,” said the Azov Special Operations Detachment.

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