South Carolina Re-Instates Firing Squad Executions

South Carolina is now prepared to perform executions by firing squad because of the state’s inability to procure drugs for lethal injections.

The state Department of Corrections said on Friday that death row inmates will now be allowed to choose among three modes of execution, including being shot by a three-man squad.

“Protocols have been written, and the department is ready to carry out an order of execution by firing squad if the inmate chooses this method,” the department said in a statement.

The state added it spent $53,600 in renovations to the Capital Punishment Facility at the Broad River Correctional Institution for the new method of executions.

Condemned persons were given the option to choose death by rifles, lethal injection, or electrocution after a state law passed in May 2021 authorized changes in the death penalty.

While lethal injection was the preferred method, state officials have had difficulty obtaining the drugs needed for the procedure over the recent years. Several scheduled executions have been previously delayed because the firing squad was not an available alternative.

Firing squads will be composed of correctional employees who must meet specific qualifications, the state said.

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