NRA Confirms Cyber Attack Last Year

The National Rifle Association (NRA) said in a filing that it was hit by ransomware attacks last year, confirming a cyber-criminal group’s claims that it had stolen sensitive information from the group.

A Russian cyber-crime gang called “Grief” claimed a year ago that it had hacked the NRA and posted 13 files from the group on the dark web, threatening to post more if not paid a ransom payment.

The NRA refused to confirm the incident at the time,  saying that it “does not discuss matters relating to its physical or electronic security.”

On Friday, the gun rights group said in a filing that it was a victim of ransomware attacks back in October 2021 which sent their network offline for two weeks.

“When our Information Security team brought our network back online, the process was undertaken slowly and carefully, with the end result that we did not have full access to our network and the internet until the second week of November,” the filing read. 

The confirmation was filed to the Federal Election Commission in an explanation for a recent financial discrepancy where the NRA failed to report thousands of dollars in donations to the government.

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