Youtube to Be Blocked in Russia

Russian state media regulator Roskomnadzor will reportedly block Youtube locally for allowing threats against Russians to be published on their platform.

Roskomnadzor recently asked Google to stop spreading videos calling for the disruption of railway communications in Russia and Belarus.

Youtube has not yet responded to Roskomnadzor while there have been no reports of video takedowns. 

A source close to Roskomnadzor told RIA Novosti that the regulator is planning on blocking Youtube soon. 

“Most likely, by the end of next week, YouTube will already be blocked <…> I assume this with a high degree of probability. I know that he should have been blocked that week, but Meta happened (Instagram block), and I’m sure that The blocking was simply postponed so that it would not be all at once,” said the source. 

Plans to block youtube came just days after  Russia blocked access to Facebook and Instagram in retaliation to the blocking of Russian state media outlets. 

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