Russian Food Franchise to Trademark Logo Similar to McDonald’s After Mass Brand Pullout

Following McDonald’s decision to shut its Russian branches down in protest of Russia’s war against Ukraine, local fast-food chain Uncle Vanya’s has filed for a trademark for their brand-new logo which resembles McDonald’s Golden Arches logo.

When Russia began to invade three weeks ago, multinational corporations pulled out from Russia to contribute to crippling the country’s economy, including McDonald’s which closed down 800 of their branches in Russia, nevertheless still providing their 62,000 Russian employees with their salaries.

After McDonald’s announced this, a local Russian fast-food chain unveiled its brand new logo, a letter “B” bearing the same red and yellow color scheme as well as its style used in the McDonald’s logo which if turned upright looks exactly like the Golden Arches logo, with the words “Uncle Vanya” in Russian underneath the letter. 

Upon filing for the trademark, Uncle Vanya listed a Moscow business address stating that their company provided “cooking and home delivery” services. 

Following McDonald’s indefinite pull out from the Russian market, the speaker for the Russian State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin told the Washington Post, “McDonald’s announced that they are closing. Well, okay, close. Tomorrow there won’t be McDonald’s, but Uncle Vanya’s,”

Alexander Leonov, Uncle Vanya’s intellectual property lawyer as well as any representative from McDonald’s haven’t said anything regarding the issue.

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