Afghanistan Welcomes UN Resolution Extending Mission in Afghanistan

The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan on Friday welcomed a UN Security Council Resolution to formally extend its UN’s presence in Afghanistan, a move the Taliban looks at as a step toward reorganization by the international community.

Thursday’s resolution which did not use the word Taliban, spelt out a new one-year mandate for the UN political mission in Afghanistan, terming it important for peace. The vote was 14 in favor, with one abstention, by Russia.

“This new mandate for UNAMA (the UN mission to Afghanistan) is crucial not only to respond to the immediate humanitarian and economic crisis, but also to reach our overarching goal of peace and stability in Afghanistan,” said Norwegian UN ambassador Mona Juul, whose country drafted the resolution.

Juul added that UNAMA has a crucial role to play in promoting peace and stability in Afghanistan and to support the Afghan people as they face unprecedented challenges and uncertainty.

However, the new mandate does not give the Taliban international recognition.

“We consider the extension of the mandate of UNAMA as a good step and want them to work effectively for solving humanitarian and other problems in Afghanistan. We will coordinate and cooperate with them,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP.

Taliban in mid-August toppled the western-backed Afghan government, but yet to be recognized by the world due its severe attitude on human rights, particularly the rights to women and girls as they already imposed several restrictions on them.

The people of Afghanistan are going through the worst humanitarian crisis where according to the UN over 22 million people are in need of aid. Moreover, on February 11, US President Joe Biden signed an order to free $7 billion in Afghan assets now frozen in the US,  splitting Afghans’ money between the 9/11 victims and humanitarian aid for Afghanistan.

The Taliban asked the US to return the full amount because the money belongs to the Afghans and it should be spent on their welfare.

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