UAE Foreign Minister Visits Russia to Discuss Crises in Ukraine, and Middle East

UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed during his visit to Russia emphasized for meaningful diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the Ukraine war, expressing UAE’s readiness to engage with all sides to achieve peace.

In a press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow on Thursday, Abdullah bin Zayed said he talked with Lavrov issues surrounding Ukraine and also stressed the importance of keeping food markets stable as a top priority for the region and the world.

Abdullah bin Zayed said that securing the global food supply is considered necessary because a lot of countries are depending on each other on import and export of grains and other basic food supplies.

Abdullah bin Zayed also said that it is important that the UAE should discuss crises in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran and Lebanon with Russian officials as well.

However, Kremlin had recently said that volunteers from the Middle East, especially from Syria, would be welcome to fight alongside Russian forces in Ukraine.

Reportedly there are 40,000 fighters from the Syrian army who have already registered their names and are willing to be deployed to Ukraine.

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February and so far 726 civilians were killed and 1,174 others wounded while three million others were displaced and taken refugees to the neighboring countries.

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