Netflix to Stream Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Sitcom to the US

One of the world’s largest media streaming companies makes Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s satirical comedy available for streaming to its U.S subscribers.

Netflix announced that starting Wednesday, March 17 2022, the Ukrainian show “Servant of the People” will be available for streaming on their media platform for its subscribers who are residing within the United States. 

The show, which began in 2015, revolves around a high school history teacher, played by Zelenskyy himself, who undertakes the task of becoming president unexpectedly after a video of him going on a rant about corruption went viral.

Servant of the People ran for three seasons before eventually meeting its end in 2019, when Zelenskyy turned the show into reality by running for the position of president, as well as creating a brand new political party named after the show itself, “Servant of the People”. 

Zelenskyy’s political campaign went on to be a resounding success as he ended up gaining more than 73% of the country’s votes. 

Much like his character on the show, Zelenskyy has took social media as an opportunity to reach multitudes of people by posting videos of himself addressing the ongoing war between Russia and his country, Ukraine.

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