Turkish Police Detained Mobster Wanted by Israel

Turkish police said it has detained an Israeli national identified as More Oda, who was under search by the Israeli security forces and Interpol with an international arrest warrant.

Daily Cumhuriyet reported that the Istanbul Police and Intelligence Branch Directorate in a statement said that the 31-year-old Israeli-born Oda was hiding in Istanbul.

“We raided his house in Istanbul’s Sisli district and we detained him,” the police said.

According to police, Oda will remain in custody for now and it’s immediately not known when will be extradited to Israel.

Oda was involved in different crimes including murder, money laundering, prohibition of disposing of property, blackmail by using force, kidnapping and destroying of property with explosives in Israel between the years of 2017 to 2019.

There has been no comment from Israeli side on the issue so far.

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