Washington, D.C.and New York City Homeless Killer was Arrested

DC Metro police and the ATF have arrested a man suspected of shooting five homeless men in Washington, D.C. and New York City.

ATF’s Washington Field Division said the suspect identified by a high-ranking police official as Gerald Brevard was found in his home in Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

“He is currently being interviewed at our Homicide Branch. Additional information will be forthcoming. Thanks to the community for all your tips,” said the DC Police. 

Brevard’s arrest came just hours after the DC Police released clear facial photos and video footage in both Washington DC and New York. 

Brevard did not have a weapon on him during the arrest while he was wearing the same outfit like the ones he used in his previous attacks. 

Brevard is still being questioned regarding the attacks while there is no information yet on possible charges against him.

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