Russian Newswoman who Protested Live and On-the-Air has Been Fined by a Russian Court.

An editor at State controlled Russian TV broadcaster Channel One who staged an an on-air protest against Moscow’s war and invasion of Ukraine during a prime-time news broadcast on state TV has been found guilty and fined.

Marina Ovsyannikova stood behind up an anti-war sign behind a studio presenter who was reading the news on Channel One while shouting anti-war slogans and holding a poster that condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In court Ovsyannikova refused to retract her anti-war statements. She was fined 30,000 rubles (approximately $280 or £200) and released following the court hearing.

Speaking to journalists after her hearing, Ovsyannikova said that she had been interrogated without legal counsel present and is being threatened with additional charges under a newly adopted law that criminalizes speech and content that the Russian government deems “fake news” about its military.

Her attorney, human rights lawyer Sergei Badamshin’s noted that her charges were not related to her demonstration on television, but were relate to a video she shared on social media.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked Ovsyannikova during his daily video address stating: “I am thankful to those Russians that do not cease trying to get the truth out, who fight against disinformation and tell the truth, tell real facts to their friends, relatives. And personally to the girl who entered the studio of Channel 1 with a poster against the war. To those who are not afraid to protest, before your country closes totally from the rest of the world, turning into a very big North Korea. You need to fight, you shouldn’t miss your own chance.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has described the protest as “hooliganism”.

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