Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Awards Medals to Wounded Soldiers

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky awarded wounded soldiers for their service during a hospital visit on March 13.

Zelensky awarded the title, “Heroes of Ukraine,” to 106 servicemen, 17 posthumously, while visiting a military hospital in Kyiv region on the 18th day of the Russian invasion.

“Guys, get well soon. I believe that the best gift for your statement will be our common victory!” Zelensky told the soldiers, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry on Twitter.

The ministry also uploaded photos of Zelensky talking and taking photos with the soldiers and hospital staff.

One of the men who received the title was Hutsul Volodymyr Olesksandrovych, a senior lieutenant who destroyed 25 units of Russian military equipment and killed 300 invading soldiers, according to The Independent.

Zelensky also honored the hospital staff for their work amid the invasion.

At least 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the war, Zelensky said on March 12.

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