Ukraine Crisis Funds Stolen in Burglary of Russian Orthodox Church in Oxford

Funds to support Ukrainian refugees were stolen from a Russian Orthodox Church in Oxford in the early hours of March 12.

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Ferry Road “suffered a break-in,” causing “a great deal of damage,” Archpriest Stephen Platt said on Facebook.

“The church safe and money boxes were forced open with violence, and the proceeds of a collection to support refugees from Ukraine was stolen. The church bookstall was burgled and stock taken,” Platt further said.

Platt also said that the holy altar was ransacked and holy relics, crosses, and altar vessels were also stolen.

“Fortunately, although the holy table was interfered with, the antimension and the tabernacle containing the Holy Gifts were left undisturbed… The church bookstall was burgled and stock taken,” Platt said.

According to Platt, the Thames Valley Police are investigating the incident.

No arrests have been made in relation to the burglary.

A fundraiser has been launched for the church following the break-in and it has raised over £8,000 ($10,410), which “means that our collection to help refugees from Ukraine has now been greatly augmented,” Platt said.

Despite the incident, the church, which is a parish of the Russian Orthodox Church within the South East Deanery Deanery of the Diocese of Sourozh, was able to go ahead with its service as normal on March 13.

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